2-Methyltetrahydrofuran 2-甲基四氢呋喃

CAS 96-47-9 MFCD00005367




Mol. FormulaC5H10O
Mol. Weight86.13
Refractive index1.4030 to 1.4070
Boiling Point78-80
Flash Point-11°C(lit.)
Melting Point-136
Solubility15 G/100 ML (25 C)
Mol. FormulaC5H10O
Mol. Weight86


Chemical Name2-Methyltetrahydrofuran
MDL NumberMFCD00005367
CAS Number96-47-9
EC Number202-507-4
Beilstein Registry Number102448
Synonym 2-METHYLTETRAHYDROFURAN 2-METHYLTETRAHYDROFURAN, REAGENTPLUS, >=99.5% 2-MeTHF 2-甲基四喃 四氢-2-甲基呋喃 2-Methyl-tetrahydrofuran 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran 2-Methyltetrahydrofurane 2-methyloxacyclopentane 2-甲基四喃 2-甲基四氢呋喃 Furan, tetrahydro-2-methyl- TETRAHYDROSILVAN Tetrahydro-2-methylfuran Tetrahydrosilvan Tetrahydro-2-methylfuran Tetrahydrosilvan, Tetrahydro-2-methylfuran Tetrahydrosilvan\u000d\u000aTetrahydro-2-methylfuran
PubChem Substance ID87572494
Chemical Name Translation2-甲基四氢呋喃
Wiswesser Line NotationT5OTJ B1
LabNetwork Molecule IDLN00164396
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  • {SNA} Anhydrous Solvents, Greener Solvent Alternatives, Solvent by Type, Solvent Bottles, Solvent Packaging Options, Solvent by Application, Solvents, Sure/Seal Bottles
  • {SNA} 12 Principles Aligned Products, Anhydrous Solvents, Chemical Synthesis, Greener Alternative Products, Greener Solvent Alternatives


  • 格氏反应的首选溶剂。


  • Short: III/35E
  • {
  • Short: III/47
  • Short: III/38B
  • Cryosolvent. Has been proposed as a chlorine-free alternative solvent to dichloromethane in two-phase, including acylation and phase transfer alkylation, reactions. The water-saturated system (ca 39 mL/L) is more polar than the dry solvent, and it forms a useful azeotrope with water (ca 9 : 1), facilitating drying: Synlett, 2353 (2003).
  • Merck: 14,10318 Beilstein:17(5)1,78
  • Merck: 14,10318


Signal word Danger
GHS Symbol
WGK Germany2
Safety Statements
  • S16 Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking 远离火源,禁止吸烟;
  • S23 Do not breathe gas/fumes/vapour/spray (appropriate wording to be specified by the manufacturer) 不要吸入气体/烟雾/蒸汽/喷雾;
  • S26 In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice 眼睛接触后,立即用大量水冲洗并征求医生意见;
  • S33 Take precautionary measures against static discharges 对静电采取预防措施;
  • S36/37/39 Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection 穿戴适当的防护服、手套和眼睛/面保护;
  • S39 Wear eye/face protection 戴眼睛/面孔保护装置;
Risk Statements
  • R11 Highly flammable 非常易燃
  • R19 May form explosive peroxides 可能生成易爆的过氧化物质
  • R22 Harmful if swallowed 吞咽有害
  • R36/37 Irritating to eyes and respiratory system 对眼睛和呼吸系统有刺激性
  • R36/37/38 Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin 对眼睛、呼吸系统和皮肤有刺激性
  • R38 Irritating to skin 刺激皮肤
  • R41 Risk of serious damage to eyes 有严重损伤眼睛的危险
Precautionary statements
  • P210 Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. — No smoking. 远离热源/火花/明火/热的表面。——禁止吸烟。
  • P233 Keep container tightly closed. ?保持容器密闭。
  • P240 Ground/bond container and receiving equipment. 与地面接触/连接集装箱和接受设备。
  • P241+P242+P243
  • P261 Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray. 避免吸入粉尘/烟/气体/烟雾/蒸汽/喷雾。
  • P264 Wash hands thoroughly after handling. 处理后要彻底洗净双手。
  • P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. 戴防护手套/防护服/眼睛的保护物/面部保护物。
  • P301+P312+P330
  • P302+P352+P332+P313+P362+P364
  • P305+P351+P338
  • P305+P351+P338+P310
  • P305+P351+P338+P337+P313
  • P312 Call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician if you feel unwell. 如果你感觉不适,呼叫解毒中心或医生/医师。
  • P332+P313
  • P362 Take off contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. 脱掉污染的衣服,清洗后方可重新使用
  • P370+P378
  • P403+P235
  • P501 Dispose of contents/container to..… 处理内容物/容器.....
Hazard Codes 3 F
Hazard statements
  • H225 Highly flammable liquid and vapour 高度易燃液体和蒸气
  • H302 Harmful if swallowed 吞食有害
  • H315 Causes skin irritation 会刺激皮肤
  • H318 Causes serious eye damage 严重伤害眼睛
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeshields, Faceshields, full-face respirator (US), Gloves, multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge (US), type ABEK (EN14387) respirator filter
UN Number 2536 UN2536
Packing GroupII
Hazard Class3
Storage condition 密封保存 Flammables area 储存温度2-8℃
Warnings 危化品目录(2015)
TYPE OF TEST            : LD50 - Lethal dose, 50 percent kill
ROUTE OF EXPOSURE       : Administration onto the skin
SPECIES OBSERVED        : Rodent - rabbit
DOSE/DURATION           : 4500 mg/kg
   Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose value
   34ZIAG "Toxicology of Drugs and Chemicals," Deichmann, W.B., New York,
   Academic Press, Inc., 1969  Volume(issue)/page/year: -,395,1969

TYPE OF TEST            : LC50 - Lethal concentration, 50 percent kill
ROUTE OF EXPOSURE       : Inhalation
SPECIES OBSERVED        : Rodent - rat
DOSE/DURATION           : 6000 ppm/4H
   Details of toxic effects not reported other than lethal dose value
   34ZIAG "Toxicology of Drugs and Chemicals," Deichmann, W.B., New York,
   Academic Press, Inc., 1969  Volume(issue)/page/year: -,395,1969


  • 毒性分级:中毒
  • {Chemica
  • 用途二:主要用作树脂、橡胶、乙基纤维素等的溶剂
  • 海关编码:29321900
  • 灭火剂:干粉、干砂、二氧化碳、泡沫、1211灭火剂
  • 用途一:用于医药磷酸氯喹中间体
  • 凝固点:-136℃
  • 上游原料:氯化钯 --> 2-甲基呋喃 --> 5-羟基-2-戊酮 --> 钯催化剂
  • 刺激数据:眼睛- 兔子 500 毫克/ 24小时 轻度
  • MOL 文件:96-47-9.mol
  • 类别:易燃液体
  • Sigma Aldrich:96-47-9(sigmaaldrich)
  • TCI Shanghai:2-甲基四氢呋喃 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran,>;98.0%(GC)(96-47-9)
  • 易溶于有机溶剂,在水中的溶解度: 150g/L (25℃),具有类似醚的气味,在空气中易氧化,常加0.1%对苯二酚作稳定剂。
  • 2-甲基四氢呋喃价格(试剂级):更新日期 产品编号 产品名称 包装 价格 2011/08/23 xw010170 2-甲基四氢呋喃 100ml 120元 2011/04/16 M0437 2-甲基四氢呋喃(含稳定剂BHT) 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran (stabilized with BHT) 25ML 160元 2011/04/16 M0437 2-甲基四氢呋喃(含稳定剂BHT) 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran (stabilized with BHT) 500ML 980元
  • 下游产品:5-羟基-2-戊酮 --> 1,4-二溴戊烷
  • 急性毒性:吸入- 大鼠 6000 PPM/ 4 小时; 皮下- 兔子 LD50: 4500 毫克/ 公斤
  • 可燃性危险特性:遇明火、高温、氧化剂易燃; 燃烧产生刺激烟雾
  • 用途三:主要用作树脂、天然橡胶、乙基纤维素和氯乙酸-乙酸乙烯共聚物的溶剂,在医药工业中用于合成抗症的药磷酸伯氨喹等。
  • 图谱信息:2-甲基四氢呋喃(96-47-9)红外图谱(IR1) 2-甲基四氢呋喃(96-47-9)红外图谱(IR2) 2-甲基四氢呋喃(96-47-9)核磁图( 13 CNMR) 2-甲基四氢呋喃(96-47-9)质谱(MS) 2-甲基四氢呋喃(96-47-9)核磁图( 1 HNMR)
  • Alfa Aesar:2-甲基四氢呋喃,99%,stab.withca150-400ppmBHT 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran, 99%, stab. with ca 150-400ppm BHT(96-47-9)
  • 用途四:格氏反应的首选溶剂。
  • MSDS 信息:2-甲基四氢呋喃(96-47-9).msds
  • 方法一:由2-甲基呋喃催化加氢而得。当催化加氢反应采用氯化钯催化剂时,主要的产品是乙酰丙醇(见00420),但也可回收得到副产品2-甲基四氢呋喃。
  • 储运特性:库房通风低温干燥; 与氧化剂、酸类分开存放
  • Acros Organics:2-甲基四氢呋喃 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran,stabilized,99+%(96-47-9)